Basic Policy

TOSE believes that pursuing corporate activities in observance of laws and regulations as well as social norms and ethics while providing society with safe and reliable content will contribute to its own growth as a company and to the formation of a sound digital entertainment industry.

Compliance Structure

All TOSE employees are required to submit a signed statement to the effect that they will comply with laws and ordinances as well as company regulations; protect human rights; maintain a good work environment; abstain from and prohibit insider trading; thoroughly protect sensitive corporate information; and comply with other important matters.

TOSE has also established the CSR Committee chaired by the chairman. The committee monitors the status of compliance with policies stipulated in the Corporate Code of Ethics as well as with Corporate Principles and laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the Company has established the TOSE Hotline, a whistle-blowing system, with the Internal Communications Secretariat and the Internal Audit Office as the contact points. Through this system, TOSE endeavors to ensure that swift action is taken on its own accord and to identify and correct inappropriate behavior and other problematic issues early on.

TOSE Hotline Whistle-Blowing System

TOSE has established the TOSE Hotline as an internal whistleblowing system for reporting violations or equivalent behavior of its Corporate Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Rules. The purpose of the system is to detect violations in the early stages and prevent improper behavior by pointing out problems that those engaging in acts of misconduct do not realize are violations.

The TOSE Hotline also serves as a consulting function for employees experiencing work problems, contributing to realizing an employee-friendly work environment.